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Ethnographic Museum “Ukrainian Village”

  • The main objective of the Church and Ethnographic Complex “Ukrainian Village” is to revive in the hearts of ordinary Ukrainians love to Ukrainian spiritual roots: faith, people, state, culture, and family life. At various times, our people were oppressed by different enemies which had one goal in common – to conquer us. The most effective way to enslave the entire people is to eliminate memory of its roots. In this way, especially during the last century, have been eliminated our spiritual values and culture. Extermination was tremendous – millions of Ukrainian people were killed, numerous churches were demolished, language and culture were violated. Nevertheless, memory about the native culture and love for it prevented the invaders from prevailing completely. Due to these factors, Ukrainian people could withstand the hard times.

    Our complex has been founded for everybody who cares about their origin and native land to give an opportunity to see with their own eyes greatness and beauty of the Ukrainian land and its people. Having come to “Ukrainian Village”, you remember of your own roots and identity; through the house of God you can get deeper into your soul and closer to God; familiarizing with Ukrainian traditional architecture, family life, and folk handicrafts, you might feel yourselves descendants and associates of the mighty Ukrainian people and its culture, and observing extremely beautiful nature – forest, flowers, neatness – you might feel an urge to create similar beauty on a piece of land in your surroundings. In such a way, keeping in memory our traditional culture, loving the native land, and applying joint efforts, our people will live happily and make Ukraine a beautiful country.

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