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Green rural tourism

In the wide sense green rural tourism means rest in the private farmsteads. Farmsteads may make you surprised by interesting and different activities and touristic objects.

  • Green rural tourism has appeared in Europe earlier than in Ukraine. It is a new and unusual form of resting in Ukraine, but it is developing now.

    In the wide sense green rural tourism means rest in the private farmsteads. Farmsteads may make you surprised by interesting and different activities and touristic objects.

    If you’d like to rest in the village, you will have a lot of possibilities of different resting, except relaxing settings and delicious national dishes, such as walks in the forests, picking berries, fishing, swimming in the cleanest water.

    European tourism usually practices living in the private farmsteads, taking a part in the villager’s work, such as harvesting, looking after cattle, etc.

    Our tourists don’t ready for changes of usual form of the resting. We propose a lot of excursion programs for tourists, which may take a small period. Excursions let them try rural way of the life and feel all its amenities.

    Happily, there are a lot interesting places on the map of Ukraine. Even the most exacting tourist will be surprised by the new interesting nice places.

    You can admire amazing birds, enjoy their singing, walking through steep forest roads, taste delicious fresh dishes or make picnic on the open air.

    You will get a chance of being in solitude with nature; enjoy its unstinting generosity and hospitality. This trip will be memorable and you will be sure, that green tourism is the best rest for you and your family. You won’t be indifferent to alive world after being alone with nature! One, who has been a member of green rural tourism, will be its admire forever!

    If we talk about resting in the village as a separate form of the resting, we can make a supposition, that a lot of people won’t understand it. One part of people usually rests in villages and it is an ordinary way of their life. Other part thinks, that it is unusual resting.

    Rest in the village is very popular and its popularity is increasing. Here are a lot of admirers of such form of resting. It is an unquestionable fact! The reasons of its popularity – our usual rest in the seaside became boring, the mountains couldn’t make us surprised. The daily routine of hotel or sanatorium makes us boring, and we need something unbelievable. It is the reason of village tourism’s development. “All of genius is easy!”- is a motto of the rest in the village.

    Rest in the village may be compared with the exotic tourism, because population of the cities and towns considers village way of the life an exotic, and villagers don’t represent other live.

    Rest in the village is the calm life style unknown to many people, it keeps a lot of surprises. The food includes fresh vegetables, fruits, berries, which is an ecological pure products, raised by the farmer’s hands. Rest in the village includes daily picnics and heart-to-heart talking near the fire to near to your heart people.

    Rest in the village is the other world, returning us to the past. During village rest you must change a bath on summer shower, alarm-clock on rosters song. And it is the charm of the rest in the village!

    Ecological tourism is associated with green or village (rural) tourism. This form of tourism lets contact between people and nature, such as resting in environmentally safe places of our country, trips and overnight stays in encampments, trips on foot, visits to the parks, closed woods or reserves.

    If we talk about ecological tourism, we should remember about state of environment in over the world and in our country. State of environment is the most important fact in development of such form of resting, as ecological tourism.

    “Ecologically pure” way of life has become the most popular in the most of developed countries from over the world. This fact lets ecological tourism became so popular.

    In the high-tech century we usually forget about picnics, open air walking, we don’t think about importance of resting for our body.

    A half of our life we spend at work, we try to earn money and forget about our health.

    Ecotourism includes not only trips in the far villages or trips with rucksack. We need only to spend weekend in the cottage, to wake up with sunrise, to listen for the bird’s singing, to look to the stars, to eat a fish soup made with our own hands.

    After such rest ecotourism will be your favorite form of the resting.

    “Family home” is a network of the farmsteads situated in the most beautiful places of Ukrainian nature in concordance with ancient traditions and European level of service with democratic costs.

    Our motto: “Know oneself – you will know the World”.

    Welcom to Gubnik. Don’t amazed at first visit to the village, you will be dizzy with beautiful views and colours. Don’t be under the impression, that you’ve turned up to the past. Houses built in the beginning of the last century kept up and restored. We have made only some modern things for comfortable rest. We propose houses-museums for admires.

    Southern Bug river is situated at 200 meters away from the village. The water is clean as baby’s tears, you can see a bottom. There are the best swimming conditions, the beach for children and comfortable adult’s beach. There are bungee jumps on the rapids. You can reach other bank by ferry of swimming across the river. The distance is about 500 meters and you will reach immersed quarry with crystal clean water 95 meters deep. There are a lot of fish, such as big sheatfishes. We propose an excellent diving’s conditions. Our mountains attract attention of rock climbers. Forest with mushrooms and berries is situated near the village. You may do some romantic walks by the Love Path. 

    We propose:

    • Excursions on foot, by bicycle, on horse, by car, local (to see the local sights, all over the country with historical experts and interpreters – English and German; 
    • Meeting our guests by car; 
    • Parking;
    • Fishing (special places) – if you want, you will fishing from the boat; 
    • Hunting (wild boar, hare and duck). All caught may be cooked there; 
    • Forest is rich on mushrooms and berries; 
    • Sauna (with bunch of green birch twigs and healing liqueurs 
    • Swimming pool; 
    • Children playground; 
    • Sports ground; 
    • Football; 
    • Volleyball; 
    • Basketball; 
    • Paintball; 
    • Shooting range; 
    • Darts; 
    • Tennis;
    • Bow shooting; 
    • Table games; 
    • Riding; 
    • Bicycles; 
    • Tents, sleeping bags;
    • Karaoke; 
    • Disco; 
    • Internet; 
    • TV;
    • Celebrations (singers, animation, fireworks);
    • Corporative celebrations;
    • Delicate Ukrainian dishes, ecologically pure products; 
    • Artesian water.

    Holidays in the village

    There are some holidays in Ukraine, which are usually celebrated with family. Basically, it is religious holidays and anniversaries. Usually, the preparation for the holiday begins some time before it. People buy some food, make menu and prepare their flats for celebrating with guest or celebrating with family.

    We invite you to escape from city life and immerse in the tranquility and the pacification of the village. All of our holidays were born in the village. Only there you can really feel the closeness to your nation. Foreigners can learn Ukrainian culture.   

    Only here you can taste real Ukrainian dishes, prepared by the caring hands of housewives. People, who interested in real celebrating, can celebrate religious holidays of all the canons. You do not need to stand in the kitchen and cook. We will do all for your comfortable rest, you just get the maximum enjoyment from it.

    Our guests get all, what they want – quite rest in the village or active rest, noisy parties or celebrating in quiet family atmosphere.  The children will not be bored. Our experts will help your children to make a memorable rest.

    Our team constantly develops, improves service, tries to make your rest in the village more variety and emotional. We always meet your wishes.  You should only once to try this new type of rest, and you can’t imagine life without it.

    We are waiting for you! Come to celebrate the state and family holidays to us!!

    The Network of Estates “Family Nest” invites tourists to the most picturesque places of our country.

    Ukrainian village is an incredible profusion and fascinating nature, clean water of the rivers, fresh air and inimitable taste of national cuisine.

    The network of estates is situated in 3 regions in Vinnitsa region:

    • Village Garmaki (Barskiy region)
    • Village Kanava (Tyvrovskiy region)
    • Village Gubnik (Gaysinski region)

    All recreation bases are drawn up in accordance with European standards. Comfortable suits, semi-suits for 2, 3, 6 and 7 persons. For those, who prefer the atmosphere of ethnic Ukrainian style, we offer clay house that was built more than 100 years ago – purely authentic Ukrainian interior design. Thus you will feel the life style of our ancestors.

    Plenty of outdoor activities: swimming, football, volleyball, basketball, barbeque, bath-house and a great deal of other. It is an excellent opportunity to spend your vacation or weekend. We offer pleasant service staff, favorable prices and everything necessary that can help make your vacation as memorable as possible. We are constantly working on improving our services that our tourist could enjoy themselves. While staying in our recreational bases there are alcoves, swimming pool, and any kind of activity at your disposal.

    As an additional activity we are offering various workshops, for example: baking of homemade bread, cooking Ukrainian borsch, manufacturing the motanka doll etc.

    “Family Nest” is a wonderful opportunity:

    • To spend your vacation
    • To spend your weekend
    • To celebrate birthdays
    • To celebrate weddings, staff parties etc.

    For our guests we will provide every service, anticipating your every need!

    The main goal of our company - satisfaction of our clients, attracting new customers, providing a wide range of leisure services, preservation of national identity and promotion of  Ukrainian traditions. To achieve our goals we have chosen the most beautiful places of our native land, that will surprise first-time visitors and tourists with a great experience.

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