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Dear future customers & partners !

Please provide your cooperation conditions, product prices, discount prices, product photos, general information, and samples (if necessary) of your products.

You can also send your website links with the product/s you want to place on our websites of the former ex-USSR countries (Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Khazakhtsan, Moldova, and Mongolia).

Please send us the price list for all your products and shipping and handling cost to our warehouse in New Jersey, zip # 07055.
After testing your products (if necessary) in ex-USSR/CIS countries, we will be ready to start negotiations with you. 
If your product does not require additional testing and/or necessary certifications, we can place it on the websites immediately.

We are ready for long-term cooperation and invite your company to present your products, goods, and services on our websites.

Our websites is an authorized agency of the largest Russian-language search engine called Yandex.
Our websites are visited by over 10 million visitors each month and we are a Google Certified Partner.
We have representatives in Moscow, Kiev, Astana, Minsk, Kishinev, Baku, Tashkent, Ulaanbaatar and various other cities who are ready to work with your company.

We prefer to establish initial contact via e-mail by which you need to provide all information and correspondence:fiainternational@gmail.com


Partnership and cooperation

FIA INTER & Partners is a general-purpose industrial distributors. According to your order and specification we arrange import/export supplies and sales of any industrial goods – equipment, materials, components and consumables. Arranging industrial imports / export  (from / to ) ex-USSR, we supply foreign equipment not presented in the market in however minimal lots.

Delivering export services, we ship your freight to /from the destination country in optimal times.

FIA INTER delivers FEA outsourcing services in the way that is beneficial and convenient for you, arranging imported supplies and export sales of any industrial goods according to your order – equipment, materials, component items, not widely presented in the market.
The competent estimation and thorough project planning enable us to offer optimal prices, minimal delivery time of imported equipment and your produce export.
Delivering manufacturing import/export services, we have extensive expertise in:

  • Technical documentation and drawings,
  • Certification and customs,
  • Long-standing customs brokers relations,
  • International and national law, logistics,
  • Foreign languages,
  • Incoterms rules,
  • The base of consulting partners and logistics companies in USA and abroad.

One of our missions is to provide the best international package and freight delivery service at the most competitive price on the market using the latest technology.

WE provides warehousing and consolidation services. Regardless of size, our efficient warehousing solutions will give you the flexibility to meet changing demands of your business with reduced transportation and storage costs. We will pack, prepare and customize Your goods for different market needs.

Our company provides services for shipping containers from the U. S. in all countries CIS, as we can help bring container with your goods from any point in the world in any country LPG.

We are doing shipment cars, motorcycles, boats, Construction Equipment, Industrial Software and any interesting you goods from the U. S. in Western Europe and all the CIS countries.

Have been promoting a purchase any goods from any auctions U. S. A., are implementing delivery to our warehouse and help in processing customs documents. Our company carries air transportations from the US almost in any country in the world.

With help of our company your cargo will be delivered as soon as possible.

We are forwarding avia goods all sizes and any weight, from simple premise to dangerous goods.

We legalize all need documents for sending by plane, are helping to pack and load cargo.

You‘ll surprised how quickly your cargo will be delivered.

In our through you will find reliable partners and we guarantee that you’ll be pleased to work with us.

If are interested in partner program, contact us at: fiainterusa@gmail.com

FIA International team,
Department of CIS Countries.