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Know ours discount club for new partners


Bring more customers to your store, restaurant, business with our powerful loyalty discount program.
We help you create a custom discount program for your business.


We help you create a custom mini-WEB + advertising programs.
From simple to complex, we help you craft the perfect discount program for your business. This lays the groundwork for your customer engagement system and allows you to communicate with your customers regularly. Customers easily sign up and check in with their smart phone. See how the our App for Android/IOS can transform your business today. Drive more and more customer visit. 30-50% of customers don't return after their first visit. We help you get them back in the door up to 50% more often. All this for only $ 1.00 a month !
FREE Membership in the discount club Know Ours is 100% free and will always be free for your customers. You will invite your regular clients to become our members, and they will invite friends who will become your potential clients.
This is ONE interactive card for all our members and partners, one card for thousands of loyalty program partners in one discount club Know Our - KO!
Discount club Know Ours – KO ( Know ours partners and members ) !
Store my reward cards - simplifies life and helps to economize everywhere. Collect, scan, photo and store cards in one app.
- you can store your discount cards in the app. just choose the logo from the database and scan the bar code;
- scan the bar code from your smartphone while at the counter at the shop;
- send invitation to your friends and acquaintances in one click;
- you can share your discount card with the whole world.
- yes, you can add public cards and use others' cards, too!
No more "Where is my reward card? I guess I forgot it!" and "I don't have the discount card with me now, would you give me a discount without it?"
No more need in loyalty cards sharing communities. Invite your relatives and friends. Share our discount App. in one click.
Your phone is always with you, so are your cards.
FREE Membership in discount club Know Ours is 100% free and will always stay free.
It`s ONE CARD for all our members and partners, one card for thousands of loyalty partners programs in one discount club Know Ours !
Just ONE electronic discount card Know Ours for all our partners are available, when the company use Know Ours Business App and issue the card to your address. They give you the best opportunities:
- You can see all company's addresses and contact information of each store;
- You can see your current discount, the amount of savings on the card and detailed terms of cumulative discount;
- You can follow the news of the company and getting notification of sales promotions.
For Know Ours PREMIUM status – you pay some money for a lot of more...
A simple wallet for all your business cards, discount or loyalty cards, coupons.
If you have a lot of plastic discount cards, you can use the application and easily convert them into electronic form, and always have on hand in your smartphone.
Tired of carrying all those plastic rewards cards?
With Know Ours Premium application you can store all your rewards cards in one elegant app on your Android or IOS phone.
Get rid of all the plastic cards in your wallet!
App Know Ours Card Holder designed to make life easier and more convenient to customers:
- All your discount cards are always in your phone;
- You can't forget, can't lose and can't broken it;
- You will always have current contact of your favorite shops or cafes, whose electronic discount card you own;
- You forget what the bursting of the excess cards wallet;
- Card's bar code can be considered right from your phone's screen;
- You can see your size of discounts in application.
They have no connection with the company, but allow the user to fill in the necessary information about the store and hold it all in a mobile phone (address, phone, e-mail, card barcode number);
Optimized for the USA and other countries:
It’s FAST:
- The built in high-tech-camera scanner enables you to add rewards cards within seconds.
- Have your phone's screen scanned for a faster transaction at properly equipped stores*.
* Some stores still use outdated scanner technologies (laser or flatbed scanners instead of image scanners).
These scanners unfortunately cannot read smartphone displays. In this case simply ask the cashier to type in your loyalty card number manually, to get your discounts.
- start using right after downloading, register in minutes and your membership discount card in your smartphone.
- Add any loyalty card as an "other loyalty card".
- Discover exclusive coupons, discounts - all related to your favorite!
- Location based-widget: The location-based widget will show you the most relevant discounts and our parners based on your location.
- Whenever you're shopping, just pop-up your loyalty cards barcode on your phone and have it scanned by the cashier to receive your discounts.
Use the loyalty cards through the phone!
- Add your loyalty cards into the mobile simply by scanning the barcode on the plastic card.
- Get new loyalty cards by completing a few fields: First name, Last name, Email, Phone.
Stay updated about the our partners loyalty programs offers!
- See the latest offers and promotions of the loyalty programs or the ones near you.
- Your favorite shops will be sending you notifications with the promotions they have. You choose from whom you want to receive the messages.
Choose the coupons to save money!
- You benefit from even more discounts! Save the favorite coupons and then show their barcode at the cash register.
Share with your friends your favorite offers
- Using the social networks, the e-mail service or text messaging, tell your friends which are your favorite loyalty partners programs and the offers you liked.
No more plastic cards, paper ads, no more forgotten or lost cards! Let your wallet breathe and save money!
The leading in store mobile discounts wallet – www.knowours.mobi
- Thousands of loyalty programs available,
- Barcode loyalty cards: all of them can be registered in Know Ours PREMIUM application
- Scan your loyalty cards to add them in few seconds!
- Find the stores around you.
- Subscribe to your local shops discounts.
- Thousands of coupons available from our partners!
- Receive notifications when new offers are available.
- Compatible with Apple and Android.
- Check-ins, stamps, sharing on Facebook and Twitter, sponsoring, hundreds of combinations to earn more discounts!
Storage and access for all your rewards and loyalty cards has never been this easy, convenient and intuitive.
Know Ours Cards is perfect for supermarkets, pharmacies, gas stations, fitness clubs, movie theaters, and all the places your frequently visit and carry plastic for.
No more forgetting your reward cards at home or holding up the checkout line while you dig through your wallet.
Give your key chain, wallet, or purse a rest and digitally store those loyalty cards.
Coupons & Deals brings you valuable coupons directly to your mobile for free.
Use our Coupons & Deals to get valuable coupons and deals information.
Save the coupons you like and use it anytime. Favorties Stores and Near By Stores features.
With Know Ours VIP card You may get new loyalty cards and keep Your old cards in Your phone, spend effectively
and save money + we give you membership for Know Ours charity club + your card number will be register on our web. for more benefits from us and our partners. Buy now - http://www.fiainter.us/en/discount/list
Only the best offers and prices for our VIP members!
Some steps to Your Benefit:
1. Get a new loyalty card or add Your old plastic card to the App.
2. Show the card from Your phone at the cashier desk.
3. The cashier scans the card automatically or inputs the card details manually.
4. You get the respective discount or bonus points or pay with bonus points.
Download our application today to plan, save, and organize!
For our future partners – business owners:
Register your company on our web: www.knowours.com
Please, use same E-mail for register company in App. and WEB.
Download the app – sign in - fill in the profile of the company - check the all info of your card - select type of discount - and that's all!
To issue a discount card you simply need to fill in the name, surname, e-mail and phone number of a customer, click "Add" and that's all – Know Ours app. will generate a card and send it to the customer's e-mail with a link to the special free application Know Ours Card Holder and his personal login and password. After Loging in into Card Holder, the buyer will see your card and will be able to show the barcode at the checkout in your store, he will always see his current discount and the amount of purchases made.
To read the barcode you can use a special barcode scanners at the checkout, as well as a built-in application cardreader.
Create your business electronic discount cards directly in the application and send them to the phones of your customers. Forget about all the hassle with plastic or paper discount, because modern technologies make it possible to give them up. Now there is nothing stopping your company to become a modern one and reach a new level when dealing with loyalty programs. Just download and use Know Ours App.
The Know Ours application allows you to:
- create electronic discount cards with a unique barcode for each client;
- upload your design of corresponding to the corporate identity of your company;
- read the customer's card directly from the screen of his/her phone;
- entry a deal in history right at the moment of card reading;
- keep history of purchases of your customers and calculate the size of their discounts depending on the criteria you specified;
- apply to the choice either a fixed or an accumulative discount;
- add other employees of your company and give them the appropriate rights for the access to the functional application;
- fill in the profile of your company (address, phone, e-mail) and also use your electronic discount card as a business card;
- your customers can keep all their cards in a convenient and free software Know Ours Client and present them to you when making a purchase or providing services.
The first month of use of the application is free, after just 1$ monthly. Then the use will be available by subscription via Google Play Market or IOS.
Attention! If for some reason you cannot draw or renew your subscription, you can easily read discount cards already issued via the application and keep records of purchases by them. Your customers will not be affected.
The application runs on Android 4.0 and higher.
Compare the Know Ours application with traditional plastic discount cards, and you will understand how much it is easier, more convenient and cheaper to use.
Download our application today for the new future for your business and yours customers, be with us – Know Ours – KO – OK