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Know ours App.


Make a gift to your friends in any city, any country in the world - send a link to our site or invite them, just download our application and join all of our, to those who are already with us - Know ours!
If there is your favorite store, restaurant, cafe, bar, sports club, spa, etc. near your house, just tell us about it or send us their coordinates, website so that we can invite everyone to our discount club, and you could in the future receive discounts and coupons in your favorite places.
If you have many other plastic discount cards, with our Know ours - Premium app for a nominal fee, you can easily translate them into an electronic form and always have at hand on your smartphone.
Download Premium app. - invite friends, we will be grateful for the repost and the link to your friends.
Download for ANDROID Google Play / IOS for iPhones:
You no longer need to carry a lot of plastic cards, they are all now in your smartphone.