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Discount Club

$ KNOW OURS $ Universal discount cards KNOW OURS - this discount club and discounts at various institutions around the world, where there are our compatriots on emigration, citizens of the former Soviet Union, representatives of the new emigration from the CIS countries, as well as those who understand and speak RuEnglish. You do not need to carry a wallet full of discount cards, it is now sufficient to have only one. By purchasing discount cards KNOW OURS, you get the right to receive discounts for the period of YEAR / THREE / FIVE years on goods and services of partner companies included in the discount program. At any time, via computer or cell phone, you can look through the list of services of our partners, providing discounts, as well as their addresses , phone numbers, websites, e-mail, map location of the business, evaluate and share this information in social networks with the help of our sites fiainter.us and other partner platforms and applications. Our sites are in Russian and English. Carry ONE card KNOW OURS - IT'S CONVENIENT!

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VIP card Silver

Discount card offering discounts for 1 year

$ 12 / year*

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Discount card offering discounts for 3 years

$ 30 / 3 years*

VIP card Platinum

Discount card offering discounts for 5 years

$ 45 / 5 years*