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Master Theater

Golden hits of all genres of vocal music performed by soloists of the Bolshoi Theater of Russia. The opera baritone is the voice with the richest timbre, the true embodiment of masculinity. Whatever character is embodied by this voice on stage is always a strong personality: brilliant torero Escamillo, charming Don Juan, charming and witty Figaro, noble Rodrigo, passionate Mizgir ... Even the villains Scarpia and Iago cannot be denied charisma. The passion of the hero-baritone can lead to the death of many a person, sometimes even his own self, but it always burns with fire.�This voice is multi-faceted and diverse. In opera, it is allocated to the roles of friends and brothers, fathers and rejected lovers ... However, many hero-lovers in the opera are also sung by the baritone. In the brilliant classic operettas, the hero is always a baritone: The embodiment of elegance and aristocracy is Count Danilo, the mysterious Mr. X and Rajami who is ready to give up his title for love.�A gentle timbre without admixture of tenor sweetness and at the same time, the velvet low register without “evil” and harsh bass coloring, this voice has the capability to deliver brilliantly successful and passionate Neapolitan songs, and soulful romances. The most famous popular music hits are usually performed by baritones.�The concert, which will be held on May 4 at the Columbia Theater, feature three baritones – the stars of the height of modern opera, will perform the most famous arias from operas, operettas and musicals, Neapolitan songs, romances, and popular hits. DAVID GVINIANIDZE - President and artistic director of the Talents of the World Foundation, the author of this project, is the winner of multiple international competitions and festivals, the holder of the gold medal "For Patronage", the holder of the Gold Medal of the World Association "Knowledge" and the UN. The star of David Gvinianidze occupies an honorable place on The Star Estrada (Moscow). David Gvinianidze’s name is listed in the encyclopedic publication “People of the XXI Century”, he was awarded the commemorative plaque “The Man of the Millennium” and one of the highest social orders of Russia “The Ruby Cross of Glory”. For his creativity, David Gvinianidze, was awarded state awards of Russia: Diploma’s of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and the President of the Russian Federation "For the promotion of Russian art." �ALEXANDER KIREEV - Soloist of the State Academic Bolshoi Theater of Russia, the National Opera of Ukraine named after T. Shevchenko. The winner of the prestigious international competition Neue Stimmen, Alexander Kireev, performs concert tours all over the world.�� ANDREW BREUS - soloist of the State Academic Bolshoi Theater of Russia and Moscow Theater “Novaya Opera” named after Evgenia Kolobova, performs on the stages of the Covent-Garden Theater in London, Opera Bastil in Paris, Washington Opera in the USA, Carnegie.

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