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Charity project in support of Discounts charity club

Everything is sold / bought / exchanged / given away for free.

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Discount Charity Club     www.discountscharity.club

Discounts charity club ( DCC ) - consolidates the efforts of various charitable foundations to help sick children, orphans and takes part in various activities related to charity activities.

We do not offer you to buy souvenirs, printed materials from us, donate to us - we offer you partnership in the promotion and sale of your goods or services, job search and much more using our free mobile offer, and you can only pay for accommodation if you wish your ad at the top of the list or page to maximize the sale of your product or service.

We help you, you help us, and all this is on mutually beneficial terms, you don’t need to buy anything from us, just promote your ad on the pages and sections of our ad catalog and that’s all. You get rid of something that is not needed, you sell or buy, change something, give something for free, advertise your services and pay a modest amount; make your contribution to those who need it and who really need help.


You can help and support the children and the Charity club ( DCC ) in any of the following ways:


Financial support. Transfer funds by bank transfer to the ( DCC ) Charity club partners accounts or by using the electronic payment system, as well as you can make a donation with a Visa / Mastercard/ Discover / American Express .


Information and advertising support.

The  Charity club needs extensive information support. We are open to cooperation with any media and are ready to provide full and reliable information about ourselves.

We would be glad to assist you with any dissemination of information about us and our problems on your site - these may be direct links to our site, advertising support, banner placement, and just useful advice. We are ready to advertise our partners and sponsors on our sites, in mobile applications and social networks.

Of course, the work of the Charity club would not be possible without philanthropists, people sensitive to childhood misery. After all, those for whom charitable assistance, donation and indifference are integral parts of life, become partners and reliable associates of the ( DCC ) in the daily struggle for the happiness and health of children.


Join our team. It's easy to do, just fill out a volunteer questionnaire and we'll get back to you!

Active, proactive, responsive volunteer volunteers, join our team!


Help with things, toys, books, musical instruments. Is there something in your house that hangs, hangs, or stays with which you can easily part and give in the name of "warming" someone's lonely soul?

You can pass them on to us, and we will pass it on to the children. Remember that these things, toys, books will be loved and used by children. Do not give away what you would never have taken.

This is not a way to get rid of household junk, but an opportunity for you to do something right and good.

You can offer us any help by sending us an email.


If you don’t have the opportunity to help the project financially, we will be grateful for the reposts, likes and invitations of your friends to download our application - even such feasible help can save someone’s life or alleviate someone’s suffering.

By doing a good deed for others, you yourself make your life better!

You can also support our other charity projects.

One interactive card for every member and partner, one card for thousands of loyalty program partners in one international discount club ‘Know Ours’ - KO! 
Discount club ‘Know Ours’ - KO  

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Our mobile applications give you the opportunity to always have your discount card ‘Know Ours’ in your phone or tablet. You will always know how much and where you saved money, get invitations and coupons in an electronic form. Also be able to count on additional discounts within our loyalty program of discount club ‘Know ours’.

It is always in your phone and you are always ready to receive a discount, in any country in the world, where our partners are located.

VIP card - Silver/Gold/Platinum for 1/3/5 years, the cards differ only in the validity period, but not in the size of the discounts provided. 

By donating only 1 dollar a month for a good cause.

With minimum participation, you can help those in need of your sympathy and understanding. In exchange, you will receive not only satisfaction, but also many benefits that are not available for all the other members of the discount club ‘Know ours’. 

VIP card - can be purchased only on our website

after which you are required to register with the same e-mail address on our smartphone application and receive a free card with a number, and then register this number on our website.

After receiving the payment, to your account will be added additional functions within the frame of your new status.

Buying our VIP - discount cards, you acquire the right for a YEAR/THREE/FIVE to receive additional discounts on products and services of partner enterprises included in the discount program, as well as take part in a lottery and win prizes and additional discounts from our prize fund.

With the purchase and confirmation of the VIP card status, you can receive new loyalty card benefits and save your phone number of your old card on your phone. It is more effective to spend money and easier to save up money + we give you membership in a charity club 'Know Ours’ and part of your money will go to the charity + the number of your VIP card will be registered on our website to receive the newest information, additional gifts, discounts and bonuses from us and our partners.

As well as your participation in the charity lottery.

You can buy VIP card on - http://www.fiainter.us/en/discount/list 

Only the best offers and special prices for our VIP clients! 

Become our client, invite all your friends to become our client too - Know Ours!

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